Saturday, January 10, 2015

the state of fantasy

Innovation doesn't come from the middle.

If you expect to see genre-breaking fiction in the middle of a genre - any genre - you're looking in the wrong place. Because that's how genre works.

Over at Black Gate, Connor Gormley wrote that fantasy is derivative, unimaginative and limited.

I guess he's never watched a movie like this, or this, or read anything by this guy.

He can't have read this book about a dragon, or this or this about wizards.

He must never have looked here and seen the stuff on elves. Or, you know, here.

And he can't ever have read this about dwarves.

All of these are the kind of fantasy Connor says doesn't exist. Not only has it always been here, it's being produced daily. In volume, with the weird dial ranging from 1 through to 11. If you don't see it, the only failure of imagination is your own.

The best news? If you're reading this and still think fantasy is stifled, that's OK. Because if you're serious about your passion then you can do what Moorcock and Tolkien and every other writer did when they looked around and didn't see the fiction they loved or wanted or needed: they created it themself. Just like everyone I've linked to in this post did. You can do it too. There's never been a better time.

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