Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Dark Road is on haitus for 3 weeks

Due to my day job commitments I'm pushing my publishing schedule back by 3 weeks. Story 6 will be due on Sunday 15/03/15, and the remaining stories each week after that.

I'm not too happy about this but realistically its the way it's going to be. There's only two of us in my team and when 1 goes on holidays everything doubles up. I knew my coworker was taking leave during my writing sprint but I'd planned to tough it out for 3 weeks.

Well, turns out not. As things would have it we also have our busiest time of the month now, plus several business-critical changes to our statement process, plus our contractor is leaving at the end of Feb. So kind of a perfect storm for late nights and weekends Charlie spends not-writing. I tried to get no 6 out last week. Not only didn't I make it but I hardly saw my wife or the kids all week. I swear if the dog goes unwalked for another week his legs will evolve into pouffes.

So, onward to the 15th!

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