Monday, February 16, 2015

The People Of The Abyss Is on Amazon!

Warning: mature themes. The People Of The Abyss circles the Ganymede myth, so Hengist's love interest this time is another guy. As with The Sword From The Sea's Medea / Goddess theme, the sex isn't in any way graphic but it is an explicit part of the story.

Other than that it's business as usual. Hengist continues east across a sword-&-sorcery Silk Road mashup of the ancient world, the dark ages, and the crusades. He's trying to rid himself of the influence of Dionysos whose three gifts come at a price Hengist no longer wants to pay.

The basic plot is classic pulp sword and sorcery: Hengist is stuck in the mountains (probably the Pamirs or the northwestern Himalayas) when a storm forces him into a jade-walled palace sitting on a spire of rock rising from a bottomless chasm. As the mise en scene suggests, a brush with sorcery & Netherworld denizens soon ensues.

Will Dionysos help Hengist as he's done in the past, or will Hengist be left on his own in his most desperate hour?

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