Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Sword From The Sea is on Amazon!

The Sword From The Sea is the third in A Dark Road, my 10 stories in 10 weeks project featuring Hengist of Tintagael's odyssey across a sword-&-sorcery dark-ages/crusades Central Asia analog.

Hengist, following the words of the oracle from Ctesiphon in the last story, journeys to the edge of the Tethys Sea and the city of Bek Udesh. He plans to bathe in what he hopes is the eastmost sea and the waters of the dawn. Only then will he be free of the god Dionysos.

Things are never so simple for fictional heroes. Hengist finds himself caught between the sorcerer-king Mithridates of Bek Udesh, and the king's ancient nemesis Medea of Kolkis.

Once again the story got up on time but the blog post came much later. Technically it meets the deadline (in the same or next week the story is being written) but I'm not that happy with writing the post so late after the book's published. Anyways.

The title "The Sword From The Sea" is actually a reference to one of my favourite books and authors, "The Bull From The Sea" by Mary Renault. The part of me that still harbours illusions about being cool and edgy cringes at using "The Sword From The Sea" as a published title. It thinks it's kind of ganky. But fuck it, retro-me is driving this one.

Somewhere in my head it fits, so it stays.

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